Paleo Building Gingerbread

Paleo Building Gingerbread

Cool completely on a wire rack before frosting or building. 8. You can use the dough to make cut-out gingerbread men or to build a gingerbread house with a template. Men and Gingerbread House DeliciouslyOrganic. net (Paleo).

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all of my American readers! It’s weird not being home in the States for Thanksgiving, but it’s also a lot of fun to do Thanksgiving with friends. Making granola at home is a simple formula and easily adaptable. Homemade Gingerbread Paleo Granola- my favorite granola of all-time!

Gingerbread cookies – especially gingerbread men and women – are traditional for Christmas, and make a great cooking project for children. If your children are making these, it might be easier for them to treat this like play dough and just make a series of flattened shapes together on the cookie sheet. I love ginger bread and molasses is a fav sweetener of mine as well.


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