Paleo Bride’s Cake

Paleo Bride's Cake

From the start, Jeremy and I were worried about the food at our wedding, and we found a caterer months before we did anything else (I wrote about our wedding menu just before the wedding in this post) ! If Desserts Mean A Lot To You However, if desserts mean a lot to you and your guests, then there are many great Paleo/Gluten-free bakeries and store-bought dessert options to choose from, and many bakeries offer gluten-free wedding cakes now.

I was wondering if anyone else had successfully made a large paleo wedding cake? Do you have a recipe or a photo of it you could share?

Elsa & Jonathan’s paleo-riffic literary wedding. Cake recipes that are paleo and gluten-free. A grain and gluten free wedding cake by Colorful Eats Lemon Pound Cake with Honey Colorful Eats. This Paleo Honey Cake (or Lebkuchen) is the perfect dessert for your gluten-free Rosh Hashanah dinner.


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