Paleo Breaded Beef

Paleo Breaded Beef

I’m not talking about restaurants or processed freezer meats, I mean just plain cuts of meat lightly coated with coconut flour then fried (not deep fried though) in coconut oil or ghee in a wide saucepan (it’s my favourite way to eat liver). Paleo chicken fried steak that is battered and fried in bacon grease – the only way it should every be done.

Beef Cheeks Braised in Spiced Red Wine My Profile.

These chicken fried steaks are like a great big ole southern hug with country-style gravy on top (grain-free, of [&hellip. If you’re working with cube steak most of the tenderizing has already been done, but give it a few whacks to thin it out a bit. All Grain Crockpot Roast In Ancho Chili Sauce Paleo biscuits. Make this crispy, Paleo Battered Fish for a healthy, 30-minute meal that kids will love! Do you ever get stuck in the chicken and ground beef rut for dinner?


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