Paleo Blender Chocolate Mousse

Paleo Blender Chocolate Mousse

Friendly Chocolate Mousse in the Blender is a treat anyone can enjoy! It’s low sugar, filled with antioxidant rich chocolate, silky smooth & delish! A fluffy, rich chocolate paleo mousse recipe whipped with grass-fed gelatin, collagen, MCT oil and pastured egg yolks. Once the xylitol mixture is complete, turn blender on to low and pour in the xylitol mixture, just until combined.

– we used our Ninja Professional Blender – or a food processor, combine all the above ingredients. Get ready to use the super-blender in ways you didn’t even know were possible! Cauliflower Paleo Fried Rice. This highly nutritional version of coconut chocolate mousse doesn’t contain the nasty ingredients in store bought versions. Coconut Chocolate Mousse (Paleo, Primal). Add coconut milk to blender and add remaining ingredients.

Creamy, rich chocolate is not only a gentle aphrodisiac. It also contains. This chocolate mousse is rich and creamy, and will satisfy your sweet tooth. It doesn’t require any cooking; it’s very easy and simple to make. This mousse is Paleo. Ingredients: Let the blender run until it looks like this. Add the coconut oil while the blender is still running. Poor the coconut oil while the blender is still running.


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