Paleo Black Bean Salad

Paleo Black Bean Salad

This Superfood Black Bean & Quinoa Salad Recipe is extremely good for you so fill up on it guilt-free. It’s highly nutritious and highly delicious. The bonus with bean salads is a ton of protein with out having to cook meat! I used kidney beans, black beans and chickpeas, as well as some sliced bell peppers and red onion. Mostly Paleo dietsit just doesn’t make sense to me! Plus, he was a big fan of heat, and this gorgeous salad has just the right amount of that. Add the black beans and all remaining ingredients except the avocado (if you aren’t serving immediately) and lime wedges.

One cup of black beans, for example, has approximately 230 calories, with around 170 of those being from carbs. Some vegans seem to subsist entirely on soy products – soy milk with their cereal in the morning, edamame salad for lunch, and tofu stir-fry for dinner.

Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Chipotle Black Bean Corn Salad dinner, vegan, side.


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