Paleo Best Moist Apple Cake

Paleo Best Moist Apple Cake

Apple cake fans will love this super-moist Paleo version. Lactose and gluten free, it’s moist and tender on the inside, crusty and crumbly on the outside. Warm Apple Bread with Caramel Crumb Topping (Paleo, Gluten-free, Grain-free, Dairy-free). This is a very rich and moist cake and best served warm. For a less rich cake, omit the sauce poured on top.

My favorite apple cake of all time is this retro recipe from 1973 called Teddie’s Apple Cake. It’s amazingly moist and delicious and my whole family, none of whom are Paleo, loved it. This is the best grain free cake I’ve ever made! It wildly exceeded my expectations The texture is really great- tender and moist but not heavy. I. I have friends who absolutely swoon over a good apple cake. Usually I reserve my swooning for desserts that have chocolate in the title or others that are caramelized.

Apple cake may not seem like a summer recipe, but these apples came from the Lodi tree in the front yard, which was absolutely laden with fruit this year.   If you don’t just happen to have a bunch of apples dropping into your front yard, Granny Smith apples would be a good substitute. Paleo Menu: 20 Apple Dessert Recipes A Girl Worth Saving – October 5, 2013. Moist, delicious and oh-so-good, you’d never know this Apple Spice Cake with Maple Glaze Recipe is gluten-free with no refined sugars! Tastes like good old fashioned Jewish Apple Cake but with none of the guilt. I am really beginning to despair with paleo cake recipes as I haven’t found one yet that seems to have the proportions right as when I add the ingredients together, I get a solid, unmixable mass with some dry ingredients left over and the resulting mixture is always far from what anyone would call a ‘batter’.


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