Paleo Best Beet Salad

Paleo Best Beet Salad

A simple and quick beet and walnut salad that’s paired with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar vinaigrette. A tasty side dish to any main course.  So occasionally, Lindsey and I go out to dinner and are always on the hunt for the best farm-to-table restaurants or restaurants that have a focus on local meats etc.

To kickstart my detox, I made a massive Paleo-friendly detox salad. Yous guys, this salad is delicious. BEETS! What an incredible food. Beets are great roasted or raw. They’re known for being anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogen, and liver cleansing. Pingback: 101 Best Paleo Diet Recipes Kitchen Options. The best way to get the benefit of beets is with Evolv Limitless. www. e84today. com.

My husband lurvs beets, so whenever they show up in my CSA box, I always prepare them using Alice Water’s recipe for lightly pickled beets from Chez Panisse Vegetables. These beets are yummy eaten as is or thrown into a bunch of composed salads. Beets are so sweet that you can even make brownies with them. The Best Way to Take Advantage of the Smooth, Velvety Texture of Beets.


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