Paleo Beefy Beef Chili

Paleo Beefy Beef Chili

Chili and Paleo work extremely well together because it’s a great way to mix a lot of meat with a lot of vegetables. The biggest change up to a traditional chili recipe is getting the beans out because there’s no legumes when eating Paleo. It uses plenty of ground beef, and has distinct flavors you find in Mexican cooking like black olives, chili powder, and paprika. The avocado dressing will give you the health benefits of avocado, including healthy fat and potassium, while giving it the creaminess so you don’t have to use any dairy. The best choice for beef in Texas chili is probably a chuck roast.

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Place beef patties in skillet with garlic, oil, and pepper mixture. Unlike most chili preparations, this version isn’t spicy at all, which is the version I personally prefer. The beef, coupled with mushrooms and beefy tomatoes, make for a really thick and filling end product. I usually get the beef and onions started and finish chopping all the other veggies while the beef is cooking.


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