Paleo Bee Lian’s Rich Orange Cake

Paleo Bee Lian's Rich Orange Cake

Bee Lian Rich orange cake. Butter, sugar and grated orange zest until light and fluffy. Fold in sifted flour, alternating with orange juice. On Paleo you can have your cake and eat it too, which is not something that usually comes with a diet program. Lastly they’ve replaced any dairy with better alternatives, so you’ll be getting the delicious flavor of cake that you’re craving, without all of the bad ingredients that give cake its nasty factory. The orange flavor really comes through on this chocolate orange cake recipe, and perhaps that’s because there aren’t too many ingredients used in this, so you can taste each one. Orange juice gets the call as the citrus taste provider, and is helped out by items like bee pollen, eggs, and honey, with an extra special garnishment of edible flower petals. Recipes for Rich coffee cake that you will be love it. Choose from hundreds of Rich coffee cake recipes!

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Find Quick & Easy Rich White Cake Recipes! Choose from over 38 Rich White Cake recipes from sites like BBC Good Food and Allrecipes. Do you work in the city and need a quick and delicious bite? There’s 2 dolce on the menu and we wanted to try both! First up was their homemade cookie! It was huge! almost as big as my hands hehe Love how they imprinted their logo on the cookie! and they were fresh out of the oven, and we all gave it two thumbs up! There were chocolate chips with every bite! And I took the one with the X cause for those who don’t know, my name in mandarin is Xin Lian hehe So i deemed the cookie mine! haha. So I decided to combine the banana cake with some espresso, and to add some texture to the cake by adding a pecan streusel on top! I have made lots of banana cakes in the past, but never one with a coffee kick! This is me BEING BOLD (number 2) cause I don’t usually bake coffee cakes!  So was really excited about this.


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