Paleo Banana-Nut-Chocolate-Chip Waffles

Paleo Banana-Nut-Chocolate-Chip Waffles

Super easy recipe for paleo and gluten free banana nut muffins with dark, mini-chocolate chips inside. Light and fluffy with a sweet banana flavor – it’s hard to believe this is the healthy version! I’m shocked, since I’ve never had this happen with Paleo baked goods before. Yes, for those of us with nut allergies, what is a good substitute for almond flour? And why is soy a bad ingredient? I love soy milk and want to try soy flour in some recipes.

A classic combination of bananas, walnuts, and chocolate chips. Perfect. I traded out pecans for the walnuts because I’m not a walnut fan. They honestly taste just like the banana chocolate chip muffins I used to make before I went Paleo. Banana walnut re-creates the comfort of nostalgic baked goods; mini chocolate chip pancakes are a universal childhood favorite; blueberry ricotta offers a grown-up, gourmet twist on the standard. Fantastic recipe! I added dark chocolate chips, and they were great!

Grain free, gluten free, dairy free Paleo Banana Bread. Every recipe I have seen for Paleo Banana Bread has been loaded with nut flours and only 1 banana at that.


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