Paleo Banana Flan Cake

Paleo Banana Flan Cake

Paleo Coconut Flan – I will add some unsweetened shaved coconut. A paleo flan which makes a delicious dessert for any Spanish or Mexican meal.

We rounded up some of our favorite paleo recipes from blogs around the web. It seems crazy, but blended with sweet banana and dehydrated strawberries, it yields a super rich mousse without tasting like guacamole. A spice cake mix forms the basis for this gooey, Mexican-inspired cake with a layer of creamy, caramelized flan on top. Banana Flan Cake. Gluten-free Mexican Wedding Cakes.

A recipe for dairy free black bottom banana cream pie. It’s Paleo and can be SCD legal if you leave out the ganache. There are four layers to this delicious confection. I ate flan and some kind of creamy dessert that tasted like melted ice cream. That way, after I figure out a paleo frosting, I can have some cake too!


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