Paleo Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Paleo Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Made from low-carb cashews, healthy grain-free Paleo Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes are not only gluten-free, they’re flourless! These banana pancakes get a nice dose of chocolate, but you’ll want to make sure that the chocolate chips you use are dark chocolate if you want to stay within the guidelines of Paleo.

Get free paleo recipes delivered weekly by entering your email below. There are chocolate chip pancakes, and there are banana pancakes, and each tastes great on their own. Ground almonds, bananas, eggs, almond flour and coconut milk make the base of this classic pancake recipe. Sprinkle chocolate chips or chopped dark chocolate (for extra antioxidants! ) on the flapjacks once they hit the griddle so the chips don’t sink to the bottom of the batter. Flourless Banana Pancakes (paleo, gluten, dairy, sugar free). I added dark chocolate chips to the last batch and sliced strawberries on top and it reminded me of a crepe.

I only used one banana, one egg, and scraped the bottom of my natural almond butter, a dash of cinnamon, and they were great. A nut-free recipe for Paleo Banana Chocolate Pancakes that your kids will love! I just made these this morning with almond butter and they were amazing! I cooked them two ways, baked them in the oven since I became obsessed with The Detoxinista’s pancake recipe, and cooked the rest of the batter in the pan with chocolate chips topped with coconut oil.


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