Paleo Baby Food Cake I

Paleo Baby Food Cake I

Like homemade formula, this baby food can easily be frozen and defrosted for busy parents. If your child has no serious allergies, you might consider simply allowing them to eat whatever the other children are eating – one serving of cake and ice cream won’t kill them, and gives you a chance to let your child try junk food without needing to bring it into your house. You can absolutely start your baby off right by feeding them paleolithic foods, properly cooked (when necessary) and mashed or pureed.

In addition, when we are feeding our babies cherrios, toast, pasta and other foods that have no nutritional value, we are leaving less room in their diet for nutrient-rich foods that they need to grow and be healthy. What makes this cake baby friendly? French Vanilla Angel Food Cake a grain-free version of another classic. Especially for a very young child who doesn’t know about cake yet!

I wanted to post a nice collection of a good variety of Paleo birthday cake recipes. Many people ask me for a good recipe that I recommend. Barbie Birthday Cake from Real Food RN. But considering the fact that many babies haven’t been. I’m so glad you’re sharing all this baby food experience with us! My daughter turns 1 in a few weeks and I was going to make her a (paleo) hummingbird cake (like I did for my oldest, but it wasn’t Paleo). I also wanted to incorporate all of Asher’s favorite foods, but make it adult friendly too since the majority of the guests were our friends and family. He’s not much of a sweets guy, but I keep hoping for those quintessential birthday photos of cake and frosting smeared all over his face and he never pulls through!  All of the guests thoroughly enjoyed the food though and didn’t even know it was grain & dairy free, so mission accomplished! I am a mother of a beautiful 8 month old baby who is my pride and joy.


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