Paleo Asian Chicken Salad

Paleo Asian Chicken Salad

I’m really excited about this Paleo Chinese Chicken Salad recipe. It’s very easy to make, super healthy, and tastes AMAZING. I’m totally in love with the dressing and can’t wait to use it again as a marinade, dip for spring rolls, and salad dressing! It’s definitely going to be one of my new go-to recipes! I seem to start craving lighter, healthier salads with the arrival of spring. Asian chicken salad is a great way to enjoy fresh, crunchy vegetables and tender chicken. I’ve been hankering for an Asian chicken salad with a nutty dressing for a while especially since I got my hands on some Red Boat fish sauce.

Both had nothing to do with food or paleo or my blog, just hatred towards me. It’s odd.

No sugar delicious Chinese chicken salad, with a satisfying crunch (no ramen noodles here! ).


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