Paleo Apple-Stuffed Turkey

A savory-sweet recipe for brining and roasting a whole turkey, complete with Paleo-friendly stuffing and gravy. Apples, cinnamon, and cranberries add a harvest-season sweetness to fragrant herbs like rosemary, sage, and cloves, and brining the turkey beforehand ensure that you’ll have tender and juicy meat all the way through. Beef, celery, walnut & apple stuffing. Who says turkey stuffing absolutely has to be made out of bread? Cooked outside the bird, stuffing was traditionally called dressing, but now the names seem to be interchangeable. 1 Nov 2014 by SimoneMiller in Recipes. It’s the Best Ever Paleo Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe by Simone Miller of Zenbelly! As seen on Mark’s Daily Apple, voted best recipe! In a medium bowl, beat together the eggs, chicken or turkey stock, and coconut flour.

These turkey and sage stuffed apples are like a little bite of fall. The texture of this stuffing is great, and it has the perfect blend of sweet holiday spice and tart flavors. It can be served on its own as a side, or used to stuff a turkey or Cornish game hens. This recipe also makes a fair amount, so don’t be afraid to halve it if your crowd isn’t very large. In the 16th Century the English term for turkey forcemeat is stuffing. In the Victorian era stuffing was referred to as dressing. FREE Recipes: Paleo Flax Seed Bread Recipe, Paleo Chestnut Dressing Recipe and Paleo Orange Apple Stuffing Recipe. Flax Seed Bread Recipe.

Paleo Stuffing – This one uses a grain-free bread, so it’s your best bet at fooling people. We love it with with roasted pastured turkey, creamy grain-free gravy, broccoli and grape slaw, pecan bars, fauxtatoes and pumpkin pie. Chipotle Barbacoa from Against All Grain Crockpot Roast In Ancho Chili Sauce Paleo biscuits.


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