Paleo Anise Bread

Paleo Anise Bread

A Paleo bread that I could toast up and enjoy, if not with peanut butter then with another nut butter, to make it like the pre-challenge breakfasts I used to have. And despite my hopes of finding a Paleo bread recipe to quell my craving, I didn’t find a really good one during the 31 days. (I still need to try this recipe from Paleo Effect, which looks very, very promising. Ant & Anise. Simple, elegant, healthy food and a fondness for gluten- and grain-free recipes.

Delicious Paleo, Pumpkin Spices, Grain Free, Chunk Loaf, Chocolates Chunk, Grains Free, Pumpkin Chocolates, Loaf Grains. Pinned from. ant-and-anise. com. Going paleo helped me narrow my diet down to the absolute bare necessities, the most nutrient-rich, unadulterated pure foods I could possible load up on. After my hour Masters swimming workout, I bolted to the market near our house and grabbed a loaf of Bread & Cie’s Fig and Anise bread. The Paleo Diet Challenge: Day 29 – Ant & Anise – using almond flour. When I posted my recipe for Paleo Bread, the feedback was so amazing that I knew I’d need to come up with more gluten free Paleo bread recipes for you all.

The austere bread is infused with the strongly scented oil of anise, a plant also known for its soothing digestive qualities. The crust of this bread is dark and glossy and sprinkled with fennel seeds. You may add a cup or two of golden raisins to the dough, if you wish. Paleo Slow Cooking Picky Palate Pop Bakery Practical Paleo Quick Family Cookbook Saltie Sensational Cookies Smitten Kitchen Southern Living Recipes Sweet Life in Paris Trader Joe’s Vegetarian True Food Whole Larder. Here we have topped the bread with some homemade quick pickled fennel. Whip this protein-packed, grain-free Paleo bread in minutes.


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